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Ecomit is a startup company located in Estonia and Finland. We develop smart applications for business, for example to increase sales efficiency or improve logistics. Key personnel have over 20 years of experience in sales and IT.


Xhbit is a sales productivity tool for business people. The mobile app provides easy to use interface for saving contacts and sales leads, for example in exhibitions, events or any random one-to-one situations, where sales potential and areas of interests must be captured just in seconds. The Xhbit tool makes collecting sales potential and contacting more systematic, raising the sales effectiveness.

The app is now in presales. Please contact Arto Grahn tel. +358 40 545 6422 for more information and trials.

Contact Information

Jari Nygård

Partner, CEO/Sales
Tel. +358 400 419 828

Arto Grahn

Partner, Sales
Tel. +358 40 545 6422

Emails: firstname.lastname@ecomit.fi

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